of the waves

by hobson's choice

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Of the waves was recorded over the course of a week at a family cottage near Napanee, ON. It is a compelling document, with sound-worlds ranging from midnight deep-woods marimba ballads to sunny cicada-sung anthems.

Paying homage to artists like Joni Mitchell and Bruce Cockburn, hobson’s choice has built upon this Canadian songwriter foundation and extended it through their unique instrumentation and fresh approach to song form.


released June 30, 2012

voice and organ bass / / felicity williams
trumpet, accordion, and voice / / rebecca hennessy
vibraphone, marimba, wurlitzer, and organ bass / / michael davidson
voice, banjo, acoustic and electric guitars / / harley card
bass / / michael herring
drums / / dan gaucher
producer / / hobson's choice and jean martin
engineers / / andrew collins and jean martin
artwork / / jean martin and hobson's choice

socan 2012.



all rights reserved


hobson's choice Toronto, Ontario

hobson's choice is a toronto-based, contemporary chamber jazz group that draws on a wide range of influences. Blending the improvisation in jazz with an unconventional instrumentation and approach to songwriting, it stands on its own.

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Track Name: of the waves
anger waxes, anger wanes
it’s just an ocean just the same
as id and ego where do we
go when the wolves are out
pirates come and thieves they go
they ravish us, they steal our cargo
the ship sails on or it goes down
at the mercy of the waves
of the waves
Track Name: sechelt
waves swell up and then they crash back down
one upon the next there gathers a sound
that i now hear as well
deep down under the oh so blue
i can hear your heart beat as i’m calling to you
with my soul laid bare
through blue memories of the years they’ve passed and gone
and i’m calling on out to you
upon a rock i look and see you there
in the middle of the surf with your soul laid bare
for me to know as well
the form you figured with each vocal line
sculpted and burnished, transcended time
and now i call to you
Track Name: one prayer
everyday at sunrise i open my eyes
i think about the glory and the wondering why
high above i see beyond the city trees
i walk amongst the traffic and all the me and you’s
are the marking up their minds with their lists of what to do
the clouds inside my mind will clear up over time
are you with me whisper dearly
all my love and hope inside of one prayer
are you near me can you you hear me
all my love and hope inside of one prayer
i peek around the corner though i have nothing to hide
in this world of mystery where i seem to reside
Track Name: not for human beings
two second delay
between having the impulse and getting your way
why should the light have to wait
to displace the darkness
why should the light have to wait
from the tip of our fingers
the flip of our switches that is our way
not just our way but our right
to escape the black night
don’t try to see through the distances
that’s not for human beings
keep moving but not
the way that fear makes you move
let the beauty you love be what you do
there are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground
Track Name: falling down
there’s no end in sight when you’re falling from great heights
but the answer’s not profound, you’ll never hit the ground
so it’s a good problem to have
the day will not look down on the buildings that surround
but with fears that scrape the sky, that hope can not disguise
and the moon reveals at night
outside my easy place i’m lost at every turn
the edge not far away, afraid that you won’t wake
a strange familiar place gone without a trace
and up on center stage surroundings are replaced
just like the channel has been changed
falling, falling down
Track Name: water
where’d the water go? we don’t ask that anymore
where are all the shrimping boats? add them to the cost of oil
it doesn’t ebb it flows this is intolerable
and when the laws don’t hold anyone accountable
all i want to know is what we have to show
we’re still cleaning up from twenty years ago
where’d the water go? we don’t ask that anymore
what’s that limping black bird called? she’s just bathing in our oil
it doesn’t ebb it flows this is intolerable
i’d like to get a hold of who’s responsible
is this the cost of oil?
Track Name: contingencies
i tucked my love for you away
behind your ear as if it was your hair
as if i’d ever been that close to touching your body
if i had, i’d have whispered in your ear
words that i thought you’d like to hear
as i’ve not been wrong in thinking that you loved me

and my heart beats and my heart breaks
for these contingencies
my heart asks, my heart aches
for what could’ve should’ve would’ve been
if we’d been in love

i let my hope for love diffuse
into the atmosphere
as if it was your voice
as if i ever had the choice to listen forever
if i had as if you’d have spoken to me
the things that you say in my dreams
as the thoughts were clear and only the language was broken

i let the thought of you just find its way
out of the light and into the darkness
as if my mind could go on burning without you
if it could as if any flame would consume
any thoughts left not of you
as if every spark were not in the shadow of your fire
Track Name: restored
awake till dawn with tired eyes
an eastern shore awaits sunrise
a deep blue sea so far and wide
our life’s a wave, a makeshift tide
our tide will pass and reach the shore
the sea we know will be restored
Track Name: as long as there are birds
in one hundred years there’ll be nothing left of you and me
we will be the earth beneath somebody’s feet
we’ll be the air everybody breathes
maybe we’ll be free
as surely as your body get it’s substance from the land
i’ll let go of your hand forever and be glad
so long as there is food for our children
and the children of our children

in one hundred years there’ll be nothing left of my mind to hold
the memory of your beauty
the knowledge of the sound of your voice
maybe there’ll be soul

as surely as your music is a reflection of birds song
there will be nothing wrong with our being gone
oh just so long as there are birds

in one hundred years light will still find it’s way to the forest floor
here and there still marveled where we’ve walked before
lovely though we’ll be no more
maybe we’ll be home
surely as our loving ebbs and flows like the blue sea
there’ll be no tragedy in our passing
so long as there is water for everyone to drink
as long as there are birds